progressive photochromic glasses

  • Mincl progressive multifocal glasses transition sunglasses photochromic reading glasses ladies far and near dual use (blue leopard +1.5)

    If you ever wear is progressive lenses believe progressive lense...

    • this reading glasses is comfortable and adjustable Vision the yellow line is the demarcation line. They can help first-time buyers how to wear the glasses. You can use the glasses cloth around your nails and then take it out .don’t worry that your glasses will scratch, our lens are hard.
    • Photochromic lenses are also referred to as light-sensitive lenses”. Glass lenses are adding silver halide, but now is the mainstream of photochromic resin lenses, adding of spiro and other chemicals in the acrylic resin lens, so that the original colorless and transparent lenses, in bright light, will become colored lenses, to do the protection, so is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
    • STYLE-New Brand Design,It is Suitable For Any Face, Show Your Unique And High-end Taste.
    • Advanced multi-focus reading glasses, the upper optical area of the lens is used for the far view, and the lower optical area is used for near view. The degree of the middle gradually changes, and the middle area is seen before.
    • Product size, lens width: 50mm, lens height: 50mm, nose bridge: 18mm, temple length: 140mm, total width; 142 mm

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