Ring Adjustable Ring Stainless Chain Wedding Spin Steel Titanium Band Punk Mens Rotatable Accessory Mens Rings Pack


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  • Imported
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  • 100% Titanium steel
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  • Multi Name Necklace Personalized Monogram Necklace Letter B Necklace for Women A Necklace with A Picture inside Personalized Heart Pendant Long Chain Costume Valentine Heart Necklace Necklace Men Steel Mom Chain Necklace Love Heart Locket Floating Diamond Necklace Womens Collar Necklace round Pendant Jewelry Dainty 16 in Necklace T Necklace for Women Ring Choker Necklace Girl Necklace for Girls Valentines Necklace for Girls Expanding Photo Necklace Caduceus Necklace Hidden Leaf Necklace Cape Cod
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Ring Adjustable Ring Stainless Chain Wedding Spin Steel Titanium Band Punk Mens Rotatable Accessory Mens Rings Pack
You can also think of it as a friendship ring, one for you and the other for your friends.
M: 17MM
2. Wipe the metal with a dry, soft, clean cloth. Make sure your jewelry is completely dry.
A meaningful way to share love.
Titanium steel universal joint. It can also be used for elegant performances at parties.
Stylish design, exquisite fashion.
This is a cool chain-type rotating ring that can be used as a , you can perform tricks to open the beer smoothly at the party.
Due to the different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the product may be slightly different from the color shown on the picture.
L: 18MM
Made of high-quality stainless steel, durable. The inside and surface are well polished and comfortable to wear. It can withstand prolonged wear and tear.
Product weight: 7G
This ring has an inner ring that can be rotated manually and locked in the main chain. This is a very interesting ring, a stylish design suitable for everyday use, and very suitable as a tool to stress, especially for manic or irritable people. .
Titanium steel rotatable link × 1
This is very enviable, and very interesting, but also makes us a party star.
4. Avoid using high temperature, water, steam boilers or cleaners as well as cosmetics and hair spray.
Very suitable for the gift selection of , such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary, wedding Very suitable for lovers.
Package Contents
Technical index
S: 16MM
XL: 19MM
1. Do not wear jewelry when washing hands, bathing or swimming.
Jewelry maintenance and protection methods
Material: perfect titanium steel
3. Wipe the stone with a damp cloth to sweat stains, grease or any other .
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    Received just this morning, I like it very much. Come again next time, introduce your friends!

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    I received it in the morning. I like it very much. I will definitely come back next time

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    Very good seller, absolutely supported

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    Very good seller. Thank you. My colleagues all like it. Come again next time!

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    Received the goods, unpacked immediately, the quality is very good, consistent with the seller’s description, completely exceeded my expectations

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    Not bad. The quality is quite good. The speed is also fast!

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